Look at the fine print: how BIG GOVERNMENT uses global warming to finance its “needs”

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For those who question the government’s motives in the area of “fixing” the global warming “issue”, there remain some valid questions to be answered. Why does our government continue to pour money into programs that make the environment “more friendly”, when very little in reality can actually be done?

“The most recent example is a bill that recently passed the House of Representatives. It would create a so-called ‘cap-and-trade’ system to reduce CO2 emissions. Emitters would be required to obtain permits, which would be limited in number (the “cap”), from the federal government and could then buy and sell them on the market (the “trade”). The cap would gradually decrease, increasing the cost of energy over time. globalwarming

A recent study by the Heritage Foundation found that the law would:

$ raise the average family’s annual energy bill $1,241 (over $100 per month);

$ raise electricity rates 90%, gasoline prices 74%, and residential natural gas prices 55%;

$ raise unemployment by nearly 2 million jobs in 2012, with additional job losses to follow;

$ raise the inflation-adjusted federal debt 26% by 2035–about $115,00 per family of four; and

$ reduce gross domestic product by an average of $393 billion per year, or $9.4 trillion through 2035.

The payoff? About 0.09 degree F reduction in global average temperature in the year 2050. (The real reduction might be only 1/10 as much.) At that rate, counting the costs only through 2035, we’d be paying $940 billion for every 1/100th of a degree reduction in temperature. Assuming—optimistically!—that costs after 2035 were slashed in half, we’d end up paying an additional $2.9 trillion, for a total of over $12 trillion, or $1.2 trillion for every 1/100th of a degree. That’s an awful lot to pay for so little return when growing numbers of qualified scientists reject the case for destructive manmade global warming anyway.”

-E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D.

National Spokesman,

Cornwall Alliance for the

Stewardship of Creation


Glenn Beck: Cash For Clunkers is a government scam to gain access to your computer

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Glenn Beck.

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Icet for Auditor: Wildwood Representative kicks off with a bang

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“State Rep. Allen Icet officially kicked off his campaign for state auditor Thursday night before about 200 supporters by taking aim at — President Barack Obama.icetstanding

Icet, R-Wildwood, decried “the liberal policies of the Obama administration and what he’s trying to do to us” in an address that focused almost exclusively on national issues.” (Read More…)

-Saint Louis Beacon

Senator Kit Bond secures cash for Missouri

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“Sen. Kit Bond announced that he’s secured $38 million dollars in transportation and economic development projects in two spending bills cleared by the Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday.

Included for the Ozarks:
  • $1 million in Greene County for the Route 160 and Route 60 Interchange Improvements in — for widening Route 160 and adding lanes to interchange ramps at Route 60.
  • $1 million in Osceola for the Highway 13 interchange. Funds will construct a grade-separated interchange.
  • $500,000 for the Jordan Valley Community Health Center in Springfield – Funds will help pay for the construction, renovation and equipment costs for two of Jordan Valley Community Health Center’s clinics. Expected to help boost capacity by 45%.
$1 million for Missouri State University – Funds will purchase equipment and technology for an agricultural research program critical to improving distance learning in the region.”

Cynthia Davis: what does she have her sights set on now?

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Republican Missouri Representative for O’Fallon Cynthia Davis is packing heat.


Famous for her remarks on national television regarding free school lunches and hunger being a great motivator, Davis has recently filed for the State Auditor race, headlined already by Rep. Allen Icet and former ambassador Thomas Schweich, but hasn’t made an official announcement. Yet, Ms. Davis has managed to keep her constituents informed about her personal pursuit of firearms, with her recent purchase and training with her new sidearm making the headlines (courtesy of Political Fix). Seems odd Davis has time to convey her heartfelt opinions on Pro Life and how guns aid the campaign for pro life, yet hasn’t managed to explain her filing for the auditor race.

Meanwhile, Allen Icet’s kickoff campaign rally last night gathered crowds of constituents eager for a sign that Missouri will have certain budget alignments in an uncertain time. Schweich likewise seems to be going for the real heart of the issues: that his endorsements are much more important despite their small number and that Icet’s campaign is splitting apart the Republican party in Missouri.

When are people going to realize that yes, loyalty to one’s party is a value, but in the end, political races should propel the best person for the job forward, regardless of what party he/she is from. Let’s stop worrying about what will happen to the Republican/Democratic party if various candidates run for an office, and concentrate more on who the best individual for the job would be.

Show me more ca$h? Cash for Clunkers program hits a red light

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Merely a week ago, the Obama Administration’s much heralded Cash for Clunkers program, which gave out credits toward new, more fuel-efficient auto purchases with the deposit of an old vehicle at various car dealers, took off, using a $1 billion war chest to comcashforclunkers(1)pel consumers to buy more environmentally-friendly cars.

The week quickly passed. And now, the $1 billion, down from the initially planned $4 billion, is gone.

Now, assuming each individual who turned in a “clunker” to one of the various car dealers around the nation implementing this program received a $4,500 credit towards a new purchase, the initial plan would aid roughly 225,00 people in their car purchases. Now, since the population of the United States is approximately 304,059,724, where does that leave the rest of the population in regards to gaining credits??

Also, are there any empirical statistics or direct correlations that backed this $1 billion plan in the first place? Can we imply that the US has significantly improved in regards to its environment and cash flow to louncle-sam-taxeswer income individuals?

In theory, when Congress to implements several plans like “cash for clunkers”, it  looks good on a resume. Flash words like “get $4,500 for trade-in” or “improve the environment” do a great job of solidifying support for such programs and gaining quick votes. BUT, do these programs actually accomplish much in reality? Quick sells like the “cash for clunkers” program are great for votes, for morale boosts, and for fast-acting bandaid solutions.

In the end, how many billions of dollars is our government going to take from our pockets, disguising it in programs that don’t aid the entire population in the long run?

Does the President have a love affair with Missoura?

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Missouri: one of the few states to fail overall in electoral voting for President Obama.

Thus, is it an unlikely coincidence that the President has begun to enjoy several Missouri-based products above all others??

Campaigning for politicians never really stops, and the Democratic party has already expressed hope that the American people will continue their displeasure for the Bush administration through the next election cycle.

Missouri has obviously enjoyed their President’s recent infatuation two of its products: Bud Light beer and Pi, a San Francisco-style pizza found in Saint Louis.

A recent article displays our pizza and beerPresident’s appreciation for a good Bud:

“At 6pm today, a beer war of international scope will begin. That’s because the participants in the Beer Summit — President Barack H. Obama, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, and Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Sargent James Crowley — will each be drinking different beers.”

And yes, Obama will be sipping a Bud Light, a favorite in Saint Louis, MO. To be fair, Anheiser-Busch and InBev are based here and in Europe because of a recent sell, but the Bud factories in Saint Louis represent the greatest American base for these products.

Even more surprisingly, Obama has opted against his native Chicago-style pizza and has shown that he is partial to pizza from Pi, a small pizza business in the Delmar Loop in Saint Louis. Obama has even brought in Pi chefs to make this famed pizza at his White House home.

So, whether it’s Obama’s small attempt to latch onto more Missourian votes next election cycle, or simply the President recognizing quality products when he sees them, Missouri appreciates its new-found fame.