Missouri GOP has “experienced” contenders for the 2010 state auditor race

With Susan Montee as the obvious placeholder in the 2010 Missouri state auditor race, two main opposing Republican forces have presented themselves in very different fashions.

As Chairman of the House Budget Committee since 2006, Allen Icet presents a serious challenge to former ambassador Thomas Schweich. Icet takes with him the majority of the House representatives in Misssouri as support and has cited his committee leadership experience as preparation for the auditor position. Schweich brings his foreign policy experience and legal mind to the table, referring to his financial writings as experience for the most powerful budget position in the state of Missouri. allen icetschweicht

Now, facing Montee will be a challenge in itself, as few state campaigns are able to unseat incumbents. But, if either Republican candidate is capable of meeting this challenge, it would seem that Icet has the leg up. With specific financial legislative experience in the House Budget Committee, Icet knows more about the Missouri budget than anyone single individual, it can be argued. Schweich, on the other hand, has served his state from afar for most of his career, and seems to have more interest in the national political game than the local. And, with his big supporters being controversial Republican icons who have also had more sway abroad, one can begin to wonder how Schweich fits the state auditor position. It has already been rumored that Schweich would be attempting to seek the open U.S. Senate spot that will be vacated by Kit Bond, but was kindly asked to step aside and run for auditor by his Republican backers.

It seems that Icet has been modeled for the job, with experience, local support, and resources, while Schweich seems to merely be searching for another position of power to delve into, not even certain himself which position that might be.


~ by reformer9 on August 10, 2009.

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