Look at the fine print: how BIG GOVERNMENT uses global warming to finance its “needs”

For those who question the government’s motives in the area of “fixing” the global warming “issue”, there remain some valid questions to be answered. Why does our government continue to pour money into programs that make the environment “more friendly”, when very little in reality can actually be done?

“The most recent example is a bill that recently passed the House of Representatives. It would create a so-called ‘cap-and-trade’ system to reduce CO2 emissions. Emitters would be required to obtain permits, which would be limited in number (the “cap”), from the federal government and could then buy and sell them on the market (the “trade”). The cap would gradually decrease, increasing the cost of energy over time. globalwarming

A recent study by the Heritage Foundation found that the law would:

$ raise the average family’s annual energy bill $1,241 (over $100 per month);

$ raise electricity rates 90%, gasoline prices 74%, and residential natural gas prices 55%;

$ raise unemployment by nearly 2 million jobs in 2012, with additional job losses to follow;

$ raise the inflation-adjusted federal debt 26% by 2035–about $115,00 per family of four; and

$ reduce gross domestic product by an average of $393 billion per year, or $9.4 trillion through 2035.

The payoff? About 0.09 degree F reduction in global average temperature in the year 2050. (The real reduction might be only 1/10 as much.) At that rate, counting the costs only through 2035, we’d be paying $940 billion for every 1/100th of a degree reduction in temperature. Assuming—optimistically!—that costs after 2035 were slashed in half, we’d end up paying an additional $2.9 trillion, for a total of over $12 trillion, or $1.2 trillion for every 1/100th of a degree. That’s an awful lot to pay for so little return when growing numbers of qualified scientists reject the case for destructive manmade global warming anyway.”

-E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D.

National Spokesman,

Cornwall Alliance for the

Stewardship of Creation


~ by reformer9 on August 10, 2009.

One Response to “Look at the fine print: how BIG GOVERNMENT uses global warming to finance its “needs””

  1. Your post on global warming makes me think you might be interested in the post and comments on international governance (i.e., expanding the multi-level governance) regarding pollution limits. See: http://soozah.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/consolidation-what-the-fight-is-really-about/

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