Cynthia Davis: what does she have her sights set on now?

Republican Missouri Representative for O’Fallon Cynthia Davis is packing heat.


Famous for her remarks on national television regarding free school lunches and hunger being a great motivator, Davis has recently filed for the State Auditor race, headlined already by Rep. Allen Icet and former ambassador Thomas Schweich, but hasn’t made an official announcement. Yet, Ms. Davis has managed to keep her constituents informed about her personal pursuit of firearms, with her recent purchase and training with her new sidearm making the headlines (courtesy of Political Fix). Seems odd Davis has time to convey her heartfelt opinions on Pro Life and how guns aid the campaign for pro life, yet hasn’t managed to explain her filing for the auditor race.

Meanwhile, Allen Icet’s kickoff campaign rally last night gathered crowds of constituents eager for a sign that Missouri will have certain budget alignments in an uncertain time. Schweich likewise seems to be going for the real heart of the issues: that his endorsements are much more important despite their small number and that Icet’s campaign is splitting apart the Republican party in Missouri.

When are people going to realize that yes, loyalty to one’s party is a value, but in the end, political races should propel the best person for the job forward, regardless of what party he/she is from. Let’s stop worrying about what will happen to the Republican/Democratic party if various candidates run for an office, and concentrate more on who the best individual for the job would be.


~ by reformer9 on July 31, 2009.

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