State Auditor- what is it??

A look at what the Missouri State Auditor is and does:

“The Missouri State Auditor is elected by the people of Missouri and oversees approximately 150 people in the department.

The State Auditor has the responsibility of overseeing how taxpayer’s money is spent, distributed and tracked. In addition, review of management practices is oftentimes conducted.

This responsibility extends, but is not limited to, state agencies, educational institutions, departments, boards, committees, commissions, the state court system and nonprofit organizations that receive state funds. Oftentimes, the auditor is required to audit the approximate 89 Missouri counties that do not have a county auditor.

These organizations, agencies and governments are required to open their books for auditors and to be fully compliant with inspection.

Serving as the state’s independent watchdog agency, the office is required to perform financial audits on a set schedule and to consistently strive for financial accountability and transparency in Missouri. The auditor is also empowered to conduct performance audits and investigative inquiries on his or her own initiative. Such audits can also happen on the basis of tips contributed through an anonymous hot line.

After audits are completed, they become a matter of public record.”

In the fall 2010  Missouri auditor elections, Representative Allen Icet, Representative Cynthia Davis, former Ambassador Tom Schweich, and current auditor Susan Montee will be vying for this key state watchdog spot. Look for more updates concerning the race soon!


~ by reformer9 on July 10, 2009.

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