Latest Allen Icet video

•September 11, 2009 • Leave a Comment (St. Louis, MO) State Representative Allen Icet (R-Wildwood), Chairman of the House Budget Committee, is running for Missouri State Auditor in 2010. Allen Icet’s colle…

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Democratic Senator in Missouri knocked down a level

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“Mo. legislators plead guilty”

“ST. LOUIS -Missouri state Sen. Jeff Smith and Rep. Steve Brown today pleaded guilty to felony charges related to Smith’s 2004 campaign for the U.S. Congress.” READ THE ARTICLE

By Tony Messenger, Robert Patrick and Jake Wagman

“Missouri Supreme Court upholds the state’s funding formula for public schools”

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“In a decision handed down today, the Missouri Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s public school funding formula crafted in 2004 is constitutional. The ruling knocks down arguments by an unusual coalition of rural, suburban and urban districts that had contended that the state was underfunding its public schools.

More than 250 of the state’s 523 school districts participated in the case. The suit challenged both the adequacy and the fairness of how Missouri pays for public education.” READ MORE

By Jo Mannies and Dale Singer, Beacon staff

“Nixon: Missouri economy getting stimulated”

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Brett Blume Reporting
JEFFERSON CITY (KMOX News) — “So far, Missouri has received more than three-quarters of a billion dollars in stimulus money.Governor Jay Nixon says the money will help in a number of areas, including transportation.

“We’re working very closely with Illinois officials,” Nixon responded when asked by KMOX about stimulus spending.”

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Missouri GOP has “experienced” contenders for the 2010 state auditor race

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With Susan Montee as the obvious placeholder in the 2010 Missouri state auditor race, two main opposing Republican forces have presented themselves in very different fashions.

As Chairman of the House Budget Committee since 2006, Allen Icet presents a serious challenge to former ambassador Thomas Schweich. Icet takes with him the majority of the House representatives in Misssouri as support and has cited his committee leadership experience as preparation for the auditor position. Schweich brings his foreign policy experience and legal mind to the table, referring to his financial writings as experience for the most powerful budget position in the state of Missouri. allen icetschweicht

Now, facing Montee will be a challenge in itself, as few state campaigns are able to unseat incumbents. But, if either Republican candidate is capable of meeting this challenge, it would seem that Icet has the leg up. With specific financial legislative experience in the House Budget Committee, Icet knows more about the Missouri budget than anyone single individual, it can be argued. Schweich, on the other hand, has served his state from afar for most of his career, and seems to have more interest in the national political game than the local. And, with his big supporters being controversial Republican icons who have also had more sway abroad, one can begin to wonder how Schweich fits the state auditor position. It has already been rumored that Schweich would be attempting to seek the open U.S. Senate spot that will be vacated by Kit Bond, but was kindly asked to step aside and run for auditor by his Republican backers.

It seems that Icet has been modeled for the job, with experience, local support, and resources, while Schweich seems to merely be searching for another position of power to delve into, not even certain himself which position that might be.

“McCaskill hopes for common courtesy in town hall meetings”

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“Senator McCaskill starts a series of town hall meetings on health care this week. She hopes to have several more throughout Missouri during the August Congressional break. But she hopes something does NOT happen at those meetings. .

Several members of Congress who’ve tried to hold town hall meetings on health care have found the meetings disrupted by disorderly crowds. Things were so raucous at last week’s St. Louis County meeting by Congressman Russ Carnahan that six people were arrested. McCaskill says one of her own staff members was called “a fat pig” in a meeting she set up just for opponents of the Obama health care plan. She hopes crowds at her town hall meetings show more courtesy than that.” Read More…

Cash for Clunkers gets a boost…again

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As of Friday, July 31st, the “Cash for Clunkers” program gained hope, as the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bill that would flood the nation with $3 billion more, adding to the previously spent $1 billion that was doled out in merely a week.

Therefore, if $1 billion was spenCashClunkerst in roughly one week, is it fair to say that this recent expenditure, if passed, will last only three weeks??

Where is the government getting billions of dollars to spend on a program that highlights the need for an end to global warming?

Does anyone stop to think that the money the ordinary Joe may receive for his clunker will be simply given back to the government in higher taxes in the Obama years to come?

And, what types of people are actually benefiting from this program?